Full  Tube  Chassis  for manx buggies     559.260.5947
Each chassis is hand made to your exact specifications by David Barrett in Sanger, California.
David Barrett is the guy to see when it comes to Manx Chassis.  His extensive research on the evolution of dune buggies and the making of the perfect chassis for your needs is  now available online. Options include Steel Floors, Aluminum Floors, Roll Cages, Bulkheads Front & Rear and anything custom you can think of.
I install a motor and transmission to be sure your parts will fit when you start building. There is more than enough room under this type of chassis for any motor and carb combo.
Flat chassis, Ball Joint Front
Full tube beam. welded in, or your VW beam bolted in
Custom fit full tube chassis.  This chassis is built around your body.  In essence, it is a sand rail-type chassis stretched around a manx body, with a cage integrated through your body.  Raised chassis ground clearance can be 12 inches front and rear using stock VW front and rear suspensions, and is still driveable on the street.  Lowered chassis ground clearance can be 4 inches or less, depending on tire sizes.   I MUST have your body on the chassis jig to build this chassis.
Full tube 95" wheelbase, body raised five inches.
Roll Cages
Flat chassis.  This one designed for Manx buggies, shown with bulkheads installed front and rear; VW torsion installed; 18 gauge floor installed. Powder Coated.   This style can be built to any length to fit various buggies or kit cars
Full tube roller. with customer supplied parts
This full tube chassis order came in with tires, wheels, brakes and about 100 drawings "To get everything just right."
Long chassis.  Full length, link pin front; bulkheads; floor; sandblasted and painted.
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